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His beliefs got him discredited as a scientist, and he now works as the principal of Jake's school.

He has a strong dislike of Jake, namely for Jake's bad attitude.

"I appreciate all of the love but I get married this Sunday...still..of your shout outs have made us so happy!

#Youre The Best."where he bonded with his niece Riley (Rowan Blanchard).

In regards to his personal life, Will tries to keep that a bit more private.

But if you're curious to know if he still has fond memories of his time on , the answer is a clear yes."Happy birthday to my brother @Ben Savage," he shared with his co-star just a few days ago. " And if you're wondering why Will called his wife Mrs.

However, deep down, he has a good heart and is a good, trustworthy friend to Jake.

A hot, popular girl at school, Rose catches the attention of Jake immediately.

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Needless to say, he's farmore of a threat than Rotwood ever was.

As well as being goofy and embarrassing, he is also strict, however, he only is that way because he wants his children to remain safe. She is reluctant to reveal her family's heritage to her husband (apparently out of the fear that he will abandon her), and to this end, lies to her husband about Jake's business, sometimes letting Jake take the fall.

The #1 threat to the Magical World and apparently the only dragon to ever go bad, The Dark Dragon hates all humans and wishes to overthrow the human race, not to mention to convert all of the world's dragons to his side.

A member of the Dragon Council; a dragon from Asia. Unsurprisingly, she turns out to be a mole for The Dark Dragon, secretly aiding him in his plot to recruit Jake and overthrow the human race.

A teacher at Jake's school, Rotwood believes in the Magical World (although his facts about magical creatures are inaccurate).

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